Hi ❤

Finally got a chance to start blog again, how are you guys today? hope you good XD
Well, starting today I try to write the blog in english more often since all of the reader are from over seas than Indonesia it self, and hope this blog will help you out how to the a butterfly origami.

The reason behind this blog is because one of my friends in university asked me to make her a bouquet for her friend and added more the butterfly over the bouquet out of it. Then… I looked over youtube the tutorial of it. there are tons of butterfly origami in there, one by one I tried to make it. some are too simple, some are not my kind of taste. BUT ! I found one that suite my flower and can be improved.

Leyla Torres is the one inspired me to make the butterfly origami,  分かる安いと思っております。(wakaru yasui – easy to understand ).

and here’s the tutorial how to do it :

and here’s the video that Leyla’s made on youtube for you to watched and learned from it :


Hope this will help you and give you some reference of an idea.

Me personally think that this butterfly can be made for your room decor, bouquet acc, and many more..


well, that’s it for today and have a nice day ❤


Let me know if what I’m trying to say here was not clear enough, still working on it though XD and what do you think if I keep my blog post in english? do you like it or should I stay in mix language between indonesian language and english AND a bit japanese? XD lol

see you in my next blogpost~

Sources :
Leyla Torres YouTube Channel